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I paint the way I do because it gives me great joy. I love the intuitive painting process, whereby I start painting on a canvas with no preconceived idea of where it’s going to go;  I just let the process reveal the colors and shapes.  I love visual chaos on the canvas and enjoy the work involved in bringing all of the details together to create a cohesive piece of art.  

I believe in the healing properties of paint in process, color and form.  I infuse each painting in energy that I believe translates onto the canvas for you to absorb. If you are attracted to a certain piece, look at the message in the description—it is most often something that you need to hear or feel in your life in the moment. 

I’m a self-taught artist and I suppose I not only have it in my blood (my dad was an artist), but I had a nature talent at an early age.  Although I was discouraged from doing art in school, I do believe that the path I took was exactly what was intended for my overall growth.  After over twelve years in high-tech marketing, I had a life-changing year involving moving and divorce.  At the urgings of a dream I had one night, I picked up a paintbrush and a set of acrylic paints and quickly became addicted to the rich colors, the creamy paints and the quiet meditative state that painting provided. 

For many years I painted pet portraits for clients all over the United States, Europe and Australia. The families of these souls loved them dearly and often commissioned the paintings as they neared passing or soon after their deaths.  You will see the undying love in their eyes and their gratitude shine through in these portraitures.  I believe that is what I have been blessed to gift these people—a translation of each pet's unique essence or "soul" onto the canvas.  From years of client feedback, I feel I have the proof that these expressions are a very powerful way to heal the loss a pet, as well as a way to keep the connection, or the energy of their spirits around. 

It is gratifying to bring a pet’s spirit onto a canvas and doing so helped me develop my “six sense.”  However pet portraits do not satisfy the creative spark that needs to come out of me.  So for the past several years I’ve been experimenting and learning new techniques in an effort to reinvent my “style.”  I now believe that I have found that way of painting that feels good and enriches my soul.   

My goal is that you will absorb some healing energy from my paintings as you gaze upon them.  Hopefully you will find a message, hope or encouragement within a piece of my work.  You don’t have to buy it to receive that energy; but that is always an option and it helps me be able to continue with my purpose. Please enjoy my gallery! 
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This article was published in The Conscious Life Journal Summer, 2017
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