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I oftentimes get an idea or am inspired by something and run to the studio to try to recreate what is in my head!  Here is a sampling of experimental pieces that I have done over the years. I love to get lost in detail... that's why you will find my pieces full of treasures for your eyes. 
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  1. Doodle Elephant
    Doodle Elephant
  2. She's Got the Whole World in her Hands
    She's Got the Whole World in her Hands
  3. Golden Girl
    Golden Girl
  4. Midnight Blooms
    Midnight Blooms
  5. Pink Horizons
    Pink Horizons
  6. Abstract Water
    Abstract Water
  7. Bulldog Family
    Bulldog Family
  8. Doodle Horses
    Doodle Horses
  9. I Got Me for Life
    I Got Me for Life
  10. Whimsical Squirrel
    Whimsical Squirrel
  11. Squirrel with Wine
    Squirrel with Wine
  12. Geometric Slide
    Geometric Slide
  13. Masculine Energy
    Masculine Energy
  14. Abstract Waters
    Abstract Waters
  15. Boho Navy Doodles
    Boho Navy Doodles
  16. Brazilian Forest
    Brazilian Forest
  17. Gustav Klimt, masterpiece painting, puggle painting
    Mama and Baby
  18. UGA Art, UGA wall decor
  19. puggle painting
    Mama and Princey
I'm located in Saint Augustine, FL

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