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The following images are paintings completed in the year 2018.  I started off painting an oil portrait of my daughter's dog and now I'm working on more whimsical doodle paintings that seem to be taking on a child-like feeling.  They are really fun for me and I'm probably working through some childhood stuff!  I'm also getting back to some floral intuitive paintings as well as some humorous animal paintings.  I keep saying that I'm going to do some still life paintings, so let's see if that happens in 2018!  Thanks for looking! 

Click on an image below to launch the slideshow to see all of the images.  See my Etsy shop to purchase an original. Please let me know if you are interested in a print. I can get most any image printed in most any size! 
  1. Under the Sea
    Under the Sea
  2. Lexi in Oil
    Lexi in Oil
  3. Whimsical Bear
    Whimsical Bear
  4. Bear with Beer
    Bear with Beer
  5. Raccoon with wine
    Raccoon with wine
  6. Squirrel Smells
    Squirrel Smells
  7. Red Stripe Bear
    Red Stripe Bear
  8. Dog Beach
    Dog Beach
  9. Boho Hippy Dreamland
    Boho Hippy Dreamland
  10. Owl Love
    Owl Love
  11. Owl Mother and Daughter
    Owl Mother and Daughter
  12. Owl Stylized Doodle
    Owl Stylized Doodle
  13. Boho Birdy Doole
    Boho Birdy Doole
  14. Heart Stylized Doodle
    Heart Stylized Doodle
  15. Floral Dog
    Floral Dog
  16. Cute Pug
    Cute Pug
  17. Palm Doodle
    Palm Doodle
  18. Intuitive Plant Lover
    Intuitive Plant Lover
  19. Bears and Mandalas
    Bears and Mandalas
  20. Intuitive Doodle #9
    Intuitive Doodle #9
  21. Shell Series #1
    Shell Series #1
  22. Shell Series #2
    Shell Series #2
  23. Shell series #3
    Shell series #3
  24. Shell Series #4
    Shell Series #4
  25. Two recent Intuitive Paintings
    Two recent Intuitive Paintings
  26. Squirrel Happy Hour
    Squirrel Happy Hour
  27. Tito the Hamster
    Tito the Hamster
  28. Blue Heron
    Blue Heron
  29. Visiting Barred Owls
    Visiting Barred Owls
  30. Squirrel and Frog
    Squirrel and Frog
  31. Sea Turtle at Dusk
    Sea Turtle at Dusk
  32. Parrots Posing
    Parrots Posing
  33. Frolicking Dolphins
    Frolicking Dolphins
  34. Deer in the Woods
    Deer in the Woods
  35. Yeti full of beer for Squirrel
    Yeti full of beer for Squirrel
  36. Picnic with Wine
    Picnic with Wine
  37. Rose
  38. What you looking at?
    What you looking at?
  39. Modern Drips
    Modern Drips
  40. Floral Deer
    Floral Deer
  41. Bear in Garden
    Bear in Garden
  42. Floral Flamingos
    Floral Flamingos
  43. Floral Polar Bear
    Floral Polar Bear
  44. Floral Baby Elephant
    Floral Baby Elephant
  45. Puggle Puppies
    Puggle Puppies
  46. Mixed Media Seagull
    Mixed Media Seagull
  47. Mixed Media Starfish
    Mixed Media Starfish
  48. Mixed Media Starfish and Seahorse
    Mixed Media Starfish and Seahorse
  49. Pink Flamingo Intuitive
    Pink Flamingo Intuitive
  50. Above the Water
    Above the Water
  51. Birds, Bears and Fish
    Birds, Bears and Fish
  52. Presenting the Bird
    Presenting the Bird
  53. Sacred symbol
    Sacred symbol
  54. Title 54
    Title 54
  55. Goldendoodle
  56. Labradoodle
  57. 8" acrylic and resin on wood
    8" acrylic and resin on wood
  58. 16"x20 acrylic
    16"x20 acrylic
  59. Waterfall
  60. 18"x24"
  61. Large Lab and Pineapples
    Large Lab and Pineapples
  62. Title 63
    Title 63
  63. Title 64
    Title 64
  64. Title 65
    Title 65
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